The Bick Anti-Rodent Seed Hopper

Ever been really cheesed off  “excuse the pun” because some pesky little mouse has made one hell of a mess with your bird seed and nuts.

You can always set traps, but you will always get a new population of the little blighters when ever there are seeds or nuts around.


Well here’s the answer.

The Bick seed and nut hopper

The Bick seed and nut hopper is made from sheet steel with a steel hinged lid that mice and rat’s will find impossible to chew through.

Also it can be hung on a wall and it’s clever design allows easy filling of bird feeders of any shape or size.

It will hold a full 12.5KG sack of seed or nuts meaning that there’s no need to have part filled bags around that rodents find so easy to get into!

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Oval Callout: It’s just not fair!

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